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In 2022, we get that 1885 feeling: Draft telecommunication bill borrows too much of the colonial law
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Draft telecom bill reads too much like colonial law it seeks to replace
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24 mins Explained | The draft Telecommunication Bill, 2022
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PIL is SC seeks ‘comprehensive’, ‘stringent’ law to replace colonial era IPC
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PIL is Supreme Court seeks 'comprehensive', 'stringent' law to replace colonial-era IPC
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How disruptive will the draft telecommunication bill be?
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GMB seeks changes in draft Ports Bill that renders it ‘almost redundant’
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Centre prepares draft bill that aims to replace Telegraph act
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1 in 5 Indian borrows or seeks help to pay medical bill
17 days english fj
Some Levuka residents say powers given to Police in the Draft Police Bill is too much
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Indonesia seeks to revive colonial-era lèse-majesté law
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The surprising name that 'tried to get fired' in order to replace Bill Belichick
about 1 year english us
I get the feeling that Betty doesn't have much interest in motherhood.
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Draft Bill 2022 seeks to regulate e-pharmacies and medical devices
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Breaking: Shipping ministry issues draft Aids to Navigation Bill to replace 90-yr old law | India Ne
about 2 years english us
Is It Bad To Get Too Much Sleep?
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Stalin seeks withdrawal of draft cinematograph bill
about 1 year english ie
Strong feeling in Brussels that Brexit has taken up too much of EU’s attention in recent years
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Centre seeks to close chapter on Niti Aayog CEO’s ‘we have too much of democracy’ remark
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Telecommunication Companies Get Much-Needed Tariff Adjustment As Input Costs Soar
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Digital community seeks participation in draft law process
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2022-09-13 20:09:58 / Health Feeling bloated after eating? Eat a... Dessert may be the answer to
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05/09/2022 Too much, too fast? Why Chile’s draft constitution was r
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Gary O'Donovan on that winning feeling: ‘We learned it was possible and gave others belief too’
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What Bill seeks to change in money laundering law
8 months english us
Do the Patriots, Bill Belichick get benefit of doubt when it comes to Draft? Sports Seriously
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Macedonia 16.06.22 | 22:03 Mickoski: It is too much of defeats and poverty, I expect people
4 months english uk
The colonial law that left an anti-LGBTQ legacy in Asia
over 1 year english us
Derek Chauvin Juror: ‘We All Agreed at Some Point That It Was Too Much’
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The Big Read: Generational gap — a bridge too far or are we making too much of it?
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AIPEF seeks discussions on amended draft of electricity bill
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Bill seeks to ensure that every war claimant will get paid
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Draft population control bill: Where will we get manpower in case of war, asks SP MP
about 1 year english uk
History / Must we now despise colonial architecture too? From the magazine
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First draft of new bill to replace RMA labelled 'woke-ism' by Nats
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Animal Welfare bill seeks to replace 60-year-old Act
6 months english uk
Dear Richard: 'I’m worried that my son-in-law is drinking too much'
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UNGA77: As Buhari administration borrows more money, it seeks debt cancellation
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Indonesia draft bill seeks govt role in central bank
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Bill Barr: There are two standards of the law and we have to struggle with that
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Foods We Eat Too Much of
8 months english ca
In the Habs' room: 'We tried to do too much and it cost us' against the Kraken
11 months english us
The Phones We Love Too Much
about 1 year english us
SEEN TOO MUCH Apple could replace iPhone with VR contacts that let you live in metaverse
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India to replace 'colonial' naval flag
about 1 month english pk
India to replace ‘colonial’ naval flag
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Senate bill seeks amendment to emergency procurement law
12 months english uk
BECK'S CRAWL SKILLS Brooklyn Beckham borrows his dad's £280,000 McLaren supercar - but struggles to
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‘We shouldn’t get too carried away’ by US $1tn infrastructure bill
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The mandatory vaccinations that triggered a Montreal riot in 1885
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Too much is too bad! It may sound like a cliche but it is true. So avoid the tendency to eat too muc
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Abortion Sierra Leone backs bill to legalise abortion and end colonial-era law
3 months english ph
Duterte urged to certify as urgent a bill that seeks to amend PH baselines law
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Cabinet approves draft bill amending Companies Law
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Draft bill seeks to introduce some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ laws on the African continent
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We were in too much of a hurry to score: Tuchel
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2022 Draft Mock: Tit
8 months english uk
Pam & Tommy is proof – if we needed it – that there’s too much sex on our screens
8 months english uk
Health bill gives too much power to Whitehall
11 months english uk
opinion Nigel Thompson: Why it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that staycations for 2022 are boo
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Expert writes Buhari, seeks Customs draft bill withdrawal
2 months english us
Do we ask too much of parents?
11 days english uk
The UN wants Australia to stop locking up children but we enjoy it too much
over 2 years english us
2022 NFL Draft: How the Packers replace Davante Adams
7 months english sg
IN FOCUS: Feeling the heat? Why it will get even hotter, and what we can do about it
4 months english bd
'We gave the ball away too much'
over 1 year english nz
► Students call to replace colonial street names
almost 2 years english be
Home News July 2022 was the driest month since 1885 Home News July 202
2 months english us
Are We Much Too Timid in the Way We Fight Covid-19?
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UAE law: How much is the overtime pay and who can get it?
11 months english uk
The idea of 'too much information' is bad for our health. It's time we ditched it
about 2 years english ie
Are we now paying too much to see the Cliffs of Moher?
over 2 years english ke
Why Nairobians are Feeling Too Much Heat at Night
7 months english uk
Why too much tennis could leave children feeling foul
4 months english us
The 5 Things to Get From Lululemon’s ‘We Made Too Much’ Sale NEVER TOO MUCH Athleisure pants you can
8 months english ng
There Is Too Much In Electoral Bill To Be Thrown Away...
9 months english in
Uttarakhand studying UP’s draft Bill to make own population law
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Law Reforms commission submits draft bill to resolve church dispute
over 1 year english uk
What is the British Bill of Rights that would replace the HRA?
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UP Law Commission submits draft gram prahari bill
10 months english cy
Draft anti-doping bill completed, law commissioner says
about 1 month english us
Jason Licht on Tom Brady playing beyond 2022: “We’ll get to that when we get to it”
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India’s Telecommunication Bill: A case for bal...
3 days english us
Lazarus: Is it too much for patients to expect an itemized hospital bill? Apparently so
about 1 year english uk
Antigua overturns colonial-era law that banned gay sex
3 months english in
We have too much democracy
almost 2 years english nz
'It still hurts too much': Mum seeks info on murder mystery 40 years on
almost 2 years english sg
Macau publishes draft gaming law bill ahead of licence rebidding Reuters
9 months english au
Computers never lie? Sadly, we trust too much in the magic of tech
4 months english ie
The problem today is we trust too much, not too little
over 1 year english ca
Opinion I’ve lost trust in my new husband. How we get that old feeling back? Ask Ellie Apr 26, 2022
5 months english uk
If You’re Feeling Anxious, Scared Or Overwhelmed By War In Ukraine, We Get It
7 months english us
'Kill the Bill': Londoners Protesting Against Draft Law Boosting Police Powers
over 1 year english uk
Leader - We should beware of too much caution
8 months english in
Are We Using Too Much of Hand Sanitizer?
almost 2 years english us
Is It Too Late to Get the Flu Shot and How Effective Is It in 2021-2022?
10 months english in
Colonial, political and legal history of the sedition law in India
5 months english au
Don't get too fixated on Trump's America. We trade much more with others
almost 2 years english ie
'We have the feeling that we can maybe do it' - Ireland's World Cup play-off push
3 months english ie
Rowntree: 'To get that performance, to get that result in front of the fans: we needed that'
8 months english my
Law minister hails progress in anti-hopping law, MPs set to view draft Bill on April 11
6 months english uk
When we next endure a heatwave, is it too much to ask that there is better planning and less panic?
3 months english uk
We Couldn’t Be Feeling Less Sexy. Here’s How To Get In The Mood
over 1 year english au
Climate explained: how much of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels and could we replace it al
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International Soccer ‘We won’t be able to get away from that feeling of what might have been’
4 months english in
EWS panel in Kerala to get more teeth, draft bill ready
4 months english us
Bucs GM Licht on Tom Brady playing beyond 2022: 'We’ll get to that when we get to it'
7 months english tt
EBC on passage of THA Bill: We will follow the law
over 1 year english ie
'Ireland loves Garth Brooks and the feeling is mutual - but what is it we love so much?'
about 1 month english uk
'We don’t like that too much' - Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool's gruelling fixtures to come
7 months english fj
It is concerning that the PM did not know about the Draft Police Bill - Gavoka
over 1 year english my
Criminal law expert warns that if rules are bent too much, system will break
11 months english id
BEM UI Criticizes Penal Code Law Draft Bill The students' executive board criticized the latest pe
4 months english ph
Ombudsman’s draft bill to amend SALN law raises more red flags
12 months english bd
Personal data protection bill draft: Law enforcers won’t have to comply
7 months english ie
Kenny worries on water breaks: 'We don’t want to make it too much of a contentious issue'
4 months english uk
Is It Possible To Get Too Much Fibre If You Eat A Healthy Diet?
over 1 year english uk
We split after 27 years too, Bill — and I still regret it
over 1 year english uk
Bill Turnbull inspired me to get checked for prostate cancer - I had it too
30 days english uk
Anderson: It doesn’t get much better than that
about 1 year english in
PM of firm view that colonial laws must go: Centre to SC on sedition law
5 months english in
Dormouse Trapped In Bird Feeder Ate So Much That It Got Too Fat To Escape
almost 2 years english in
The Sedition Saga: What's With This Colonial-Era Law That the Centre has Decided to 'Reconsider'
5 months english nz
The legal ties that bind the Borrows
over 1 year english zw
Ministers of Religion Condemn Zimbabwe's Proposed Law Capable of Crippling Private Voluntary Organiz
8 months english sg
Ministry of Law and IPOS seek public feedback on draft Copyright Bill
over 1 year english us
It doesn't get much clearer who Georgia's voting law benefits and hurts
over 1 year english us
Biden Seeks Update for a Much-Stretched Law That Authorizes the War on Terrorism The legal basis for
over 1 year english ca
‘We need it back’: GoFundMe seeks to replace heaters stolen from Hess Village restaurant patio
9 months english fj
We need more consultation on the Climate Change Bill because it is too complicated - Gavoka
about 1 year english ng
Agents seek withdrawal of NCS draft bill 2022
2 months english gh
Oh! We printed too much money!
5 months english us
Why Do We Work Too Much?
about 1 year english us
We expect too much from Earth
11 months english cn
Tech Draft law seeks to protect personal data The draft stipulates that automated decision-makin
about 1 year english in
It is a bumping-off of the rule of law too
4 months english de
EU to unveil landmark law curbing power of tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Google and others could
almost 2 years english ph
[Science Solitaire] Do we talk too much or too little in conversations?
25 days english lu
'We have asked too much of young people'
over 1 year english us
Are we making too much of latest Harden drama?
almost 2 years english pk
Norwegian envoy for expanding coop in fields of IT, telecommunication
about 2 months english nz
Thousands of Kiwis paying too much on cell phone bill: watchdog
about 2 years english us
Can You Get Too Much Protein?
about 1 year english us
We Have Officially Reached the Too-Much-TV Apocalypse
6 months english us
Did the Golden Knights Sacrifice Too Much to Get Alex Pietrangelo?
almost 2 years english nz
Reserve Bank would rather do 'too much': Will it come to regret that?
almost 2 years english au
Final straw that led to Mary-Kate Olsen's divorce 'It was too much'
over 1 year english al
Scientists speak/ Overeating and feeling bloated? You will be saved once and for all, this fruit wil
22 days english bd
JS passes EC formation bill Amid debate in and outside Parliament, the much-talked-about bill to f
8 months english bd
India to replace 'colonial' naval flag 13 min ago
about 1 month english ng
FG needs N15 billion to replace colonial administrative map
22 days english gu
Biden signs infrastructure bill into law; Guam to get millions of...
11 months english ie
Can we work out too much for the sake of our hearts?
over 1 year english ky
UK peer’s bill seeks gay marriage law for BOTs
3 months english pk
‘The year of telecommunication’
5 months english ng
AfCFTA Seeks End to Colonial Economic Model
almost 2 years english ie
Ireland v the rest of the world: Do we pay too much tax?
almost 2 years english uk
‘The Brexit bill is catastrophic. It threatens the rule of law’
about 2 years english uk
'We wanted it too much' Jurgen Klopp says desperation to win may have cost them
over 1 year english il
Meretz seeks to scuttle bill to renew ‘Citizenship Law’ despite ministerial OK
9 months english ca
YOU SAID IT: Feeling so much safer
about 2 months english in
Shalin Bhanot: Lockdown made me realise that we do not need too much to survive
6 months english gy
‘We want that ownership feeling’
over 1 year english ie
Bill Mullaney: Tipperary showed too much respect to Galway in semi-final defeat
about 1 year english nl
Activists replace street signs to educate people about the Netherlands' colonial past
over 1 year english us
How much should Aaron Judge get paid in free agency? We debate it
15 days english us
2022 Draft Mock: Pan
6 months english in
Scientifically Speaking | We are eating too much salt and it is killing us
12 months english au
Too many Australians are hesitant to get vaccinated. Here’s how we fix it
over 1 year english us
In the Dead of Night, the Supreme Court Proved It Has Too Much Power
about 1 year english in
UP Law Commission submits draft population control bill, report to CM Adityanath
about 1 year english uk
Can’t stop the feeling that we deserve better
over 1 year english in
Navy To Replace "Colonial" Flag, PM To Unveil New Ensign
about 1 month english nz
Wellbeing Complaining in 2022 comes with a side of guilt. Is it time we stop feeling bad?
6 months english uk
The eight ways to avoid paying too much tax in retirement in 2022
5 months english ph
In theater, when does criticism become too much to a point that it is verbal abuse?
7 months english ca
YOU SAID IT: Too much to bear
about 1 year english pk
Amy Schumer tells another joke that was considered ‘too much’ for the 2022 Oscars
5 months english bz
GOB Seeks to Replace the Haulover Bridge
about 1 year english us
Clyburn: Once We Get a Program Passed in Reconciliation Bill, It Will ‘Be Difficult to Take It Away’
12 months english in
Bill that seeks to link electoral rolls with the Aadhaar passed in Parliament
10 months english us
If You’re A Healthy Eater, Is It Possible You Get Too Much Fiber?
over 1 year english uk
‘We haven’t been given the money to get it right’ Why so much of the UK is rubbish at recycling
3 months english in
SC puts sedition law on hold: End of the road for colonial-era law?
5 months english za
PODCAST | Climate change: how much time do we have to get it right?
7 months english in
Draft population bill: UP Law panel receives over 7,000 suggestions
about 1 year english in
Amarinder tables draft resolution against farm law,electricity amendment bill
almost 2 years english fr
France secularism law: Govt mulls draft bill targeting religious extremism
almost 2 years english in
Suriya objects to draft Cinematograph Bill, says ‘Law is not supposed to strangle freedom of express
over 1 year english in
Sedition law ‘colonial’, is it needed after 75 yrs of Independence? SC asks Centre
about 1 year english us
Packers wait to get much-needed WR at NFL draft
5 months english us
Kudlow: We have too much money chasing too few goods
11 months english tn
7 Politics Tunisia-Abir Moussi criticizes the 2022 finance bill The PDL today slamme
7 months english in
‘We respected him, but now he too is part of the system that seeks votes in our name’: Kin of Behb
over 1 year english uk
Bill Gates says majority of coronavirus tests administered in the US are 'completely garbage' becaus
about 2 years english in
DoT proposes fee, penalty waiver under new telecommunication bill
14 days english au
Now we know more, how much booze is too much?
almost 2 years english us
Atlanta city council seeks to fine residents if dogs bark too much
14 days english uk
Boris Johnson has announced that recreational cricket will be allowed to get underway next week afte
over 2 years english uk
Doctor explains the science behind why we all get the feeling of deja vu
over 1 year english uk
Newcastle's dressing room's 'weird' feeling, scream that says it all and Mourinho seeks out trio
over 1 year english au
‘That was too much’: Why ugly clash in F1 feud was ‘inevitable’... and only going to get worse
10 months english uk
The Portrait of Omai is part of Britain’s colonial past – but we shouldn’t let it go
3 months english us
How accurate is ‘Outlander’s’ portrayal of colonial America? We break it down
6 months english us
Bill Gates We Must Develop Drugs Much Faster in the Next Pandemic
6 months english in
Shipping Ministry seeks public consultation on draft Coastal Shipping Bill, 2020
almost 2 years english bd
Move to rejig Hindu succession law We highly appreciate the government’s move to formulate a law t
over 1 year english bd
Mass Media Employees draft law puzzles journos
7 months english al
"Foltorja" submits to the Assembly the draft law on "Lustration", the draft becomes clear as Berisha
7 days english my
Cabinet approves draft anti-hopping Bill, to be tabled in Parliament Monday, says law minister
3 months english us
It Keeps on Raining Too Much Too Fast
9 months english uk
The Prime Minister appears to be burned out. Perhaps we expect too much of him
11 months english sg
How much exercise do we need to live longer? And how much is too much?
about 1 year english us
3 veterans the Raiders should replace in the Draft
over 1 year english us
3 veterans the Browns should replace in the draft
over 1 year english ca
'Principled' ramsomware hackers who took down the Colonial Pipeline: We regret it
over 1 year english ng
Ortom signs 2022 appropriation bill to law
10 months english uk
Are we testing our children too much?
8 months english ae
PSG’s Pochettino: 'We were thinking too much'
over 1 year english pk
Atle Hetland Do we compete too much?
about 1 year english gh
We are consuming too much microplastics – Minister
7 months english ca
Can We Have Too Much Pink Salmon?
4 months english in
We had too much of wait-and-see approach: Pirlo
almost 2 years english ph
Poe pushes bill that seeks to save businesses
about 2 years english ph
Senator files bill that seeks to develop sea east of Philippines
over 1 year english mt
Is it possible to listen to too much…
3 months english cn
Get that warm, fuzzy feeling – in your home
9 months english nz
5:00pm Too much is wrong with data bill
6 months english us
Biden's 'reduced' spending bill is still far too much
about 1 year english uk
India's colonial-era law to prevent dissent
over 1 year english us
2022 NFL Draft winners: 10 teams that crushed it
5 months english nz
'We made too much of the conditions' - Virat Kohli underlines at mental hurdles
about 2 years english ng
“It Doesn’t Change The Fact That I Am Too Much” Tuface React To Las Vegas Show Poster
7 months english nz
Law expert says Government counter terrorism bill much needed
over 1 year english us
Idaho Legislature passes a bill that seeks to protect the unvaccinated
6 months english sb
Opposition Leader Blasts Draft Amendments to Telco Bill 2h ago The Leader of the Opposition grou
about 1 year english us
How Too Much Media Attention Could Hurt The Democrats’ New Infrastructure Bill
over 1 year english us
2022 Draft Mock: Fal
7 months english us
For Singapore’s Gay Men, Repeal of Sex Ban Brings Hope After Years of Pain The government confirmed
about 1 month english us
Oh happy day when we vote to replace Bill de Blasio — the worst mayor ever!
11 months english ie
Is it too much to ask for decent highlights of the best full-back in hurling?
5 months english mk
Macedonia 18.06.22 | 16:09 Pesevska: Tonight we will send a strong message that it is too m
4 months english ng
NESG seeks speedy passage of PVP Bill into law 9 mins ago  Nigeria
over 1 year english us
Billionaires get too much credit for philanthropy
9 days english us
The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now.
about 2 years english ca
2022 Jeep Compass debut in Europe hints at premium interior we may get too
over 1 year english in
#university law amendment bill 2022
about 1 month english in
Draft a privacy law that others would want to ...
about 2 months english uk
The law on working when it gets too hot in the UK
3 months english jp
Meh.  Actors get paid way too much across the board.
about 2 years english mk
Macedonia 17.06.22 | 12:56 Mickoski: We will observe the party’s birthday in the sign of th
4 months english nz
We put too much faith in big events to usher in real change
about 1 year english mw
Colonial law penalises rape victims
over 1 year english gh
Anti- LGBTQI Bill: We have to take time to pass a law that will stand the test of time – Committee C
4 months english uk
'We bought a house without even viewing it because there's just too much competition'
over 1 year english ke
Men get abused, too. We need to talk about it Saturday_Magazine 9 hours ago
5 months